Scenarios of Use

modest_fight 1.0A-WASP® is a tactical option for deployment in a wide range of circumstances involving disorder or crime. The intended effect is to dissuade by communication the perpetrators of violence or crime, make them aware that they are the subject of police attention, and disrupt the dynamics of their behaviour.

A self-contained, man-portable technology, A-WASP® can project very clear verbal communications out to 250m (800ft) or more.

If used in “intense-sound-mode”, the device is highly selective and the uniquely narrow beam of very unpleasant sound will single out individuals at closer ranges and small groups at >120m (400ft) even with high levels of ambient noise.

There are many benefits to the system but in particular the fact that the device operates at a significant range means that officers can reach out to perpetrators at distances that other methods would not permit.
This feature enables the police to reach individuals and small groups within a much larger crowd, in a large scale public disorder scenario.

Verbal warnings projected by the A- WASP® are extremely clear and unambiguous.

In “intense-sound-mode” the audible effect experienced by the targeted perpetrators is very significant. Any individuals who decide to ignore the A-WASP®, and obvious police attention, and continue their inappropriate behaviour may be determined to have a high degree of mal-intent: potentially justifying the deployment of harsher sanctions.

In this way, the A-WASP® represents a significant addition to the tactical options available to police forces.

Equally, the effective range enables police officers to intervene in small scale incidents from a safe distance without direct physical intervention; reducing risk to themselves, the public and the targets.

Applications include

  • Public Safety and Crowd Management
  • Vehicle Mounted Deployments
  • Individual Intent
  • Aggressive Individual
  • Breaking up Arguments/Fights
  • Perimeter Defence
  • Building Defence/Clearance
  • Internal Building Defence
  • Advantage on Approach
  • Snatch Squads
  • Hostage Situations
  • Evacuation Aid
  • Establish & Maintain a Cordon
  • Convoy Protection
  • Prison / Correctional Facility Management