Concept of Use

A-WASP® is a tactical option for deployment surrounding a wide range of circumstances involving the risk of disorder or crime.

As an extremely effective warning system, the A-WASP® effect can communicate with and, if need be, disrupt the activity of the targeted recipients. However, the device is harmless in its use and therefore presents a new tactical option to police forces that fits between a simple verbal warning and currently available Less Lethal Weapons in the force escalation continuum.

Force Escalation Cut-Out White Background 1

A self-contained, man-portable technology, A-WASP® can project very clear verbal communications out to 250m (800ft) or more.

It can also project an intense sound warning to ranges greater than 120m (400ft) even through loud ambient noise. At closer range, less than 60m (200ft), this becomes an escalating deterrent that actively dissuades people from undesirable behaviour while also determining the degree of hostile intent of the actors involved – potentially vindicating escalation to more severe control options should that prove unavoidable.