Introducing A-WASP®

awasp1-y250A-WASP® is a ground breaking capability to disrupt, deter and dissuade violent individuals or groups at ranges greater than 120m (400ft).

A-WASP® emits a uniquely narrow beam of highly disturbing sound that isolates individuals or small groups and disrupts their activity – enabling officers at the scene to prevent further violence without taking the risk of direct physical intervention.

In extreme cases, A-WASP® deployment may establish a severity of intent that justifies the reasonable escalation of force.


  • Harmless to targeted perpetrators, bystanders and users
  • Operates at significant range
  • No physical contact required
  • Full evidential use log – including video


  • Public order/ Riot control
  • Breaking up violent disturbances without contact
  • Correctional facility disruption control
  • Border & check-point control
  • Evacuation & cordon establishment aid

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