Introducing A-WASP®

AWasp_8649_Web_ScaleA-WASP® is a ground breaking communication capability designed to guarantee the attention of individuals or small groups and persuade or instruct them at ranges greater than 250m (800ft).

 The A-WASP® has been specifically developed to extend the ability of the police to ‘exercise persuasion, advice and warning’ without resorting to force.

A person-carried device operating at great range, the A-WASP® operates in two primary modes: Firstly, the attention of individuals or small groups can be assured through the emission of a very narrow beam of entirely safe but intense sound. Secondly, very clear verbal messages or instructions can be transmitted which cut through the ambient noise and remain clear over very significant distances.

In extreme cases, A-WASP® deployment may establish a severity of intent that justifies alternative policing methods.


  • Harmless to targeted perpetrators, bystanders and users
  • Operates at significant range
  • No physical contact required
  • Full evidential use log – including video


  • Crowd safety and public order management
  • Defusing violent disturbances without contact
  • De-risking close quarters intervention; e.g. traffic stops
  • Correctional facility disruptions
  • Border check-points
  • Evacuation & cordon establishment aid

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